mobilizer™ enables your business to enjoy the benefits of unified communication – without requiring an all-or-nothing commitment to Voice over IP (VoIP).

With mobilizer™ you can use Business Grade VoIP wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. Some businesses choose a “pure” IP solution to eliminate charged calls among offices and remote workers. Others choose a mixed solution that blends IP with existing analogue, mobile and digital phones  ensuring uninterrupted voice communications even when electrical power fails. A common solution, enabled by mobilizer™, is to seamlessly link multiple sites and remote workers by creating a virtual PBX system.

With its award winning platform, mobilizer™ is providing organisations with solutions to reduce communication costs and improve communications and productivity.

mobilizer’s Virtual Office has achieved this through 10 years experience in developing unique and innovative unified communications solutions for both the corporate and small to medium market.

mobilizer’s advanced unified communication solutions provides comprehensive functionality at a fraction of the price. There is no need to replace your existing PABX or change existing user handsets. The mobilizer™ solution provides improvements and benefits for your organization.

mobilizer™ Virtual Office allows you to appear and function as if you are working for a large corporate organisation with it’s own sophisticated communication system and IT Department. It also allows you take advantage of the most corporate competitive fixed line, mobile data services, literally reducing your communication costs by 30-50%.

Our platform also supports key mobile enablement technologies such as Telco Grade Speech Recognition, Voice Over IP, Text to Speech, GPRS/WAP and Web based phone control.

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