so what is the mobilizer™ platform?

The mobilizer™ Platform is an industry award winning hosted .net IP-PBX platform that allows SME and corporate organisations the benefits of a fully featured phone system, without the capital costs or technical complexity normally associated with this technology. The platform allows you to connect your existing phone system, mobiles and office numbers to the platform without the need to change carrier or contracts.

so how does it save money?

The hosted virtual PBX service saves organisations typically 60%+ on call costs by seamlessly routing outbound calls from your office via business grade VoIP. In addition to this mobilizer™ also utilises advance routing technology to Mobile phones enable significant office to mobile and mobile to office savings. Utilising advance data technology mobilizer also enables organisation to dramatically reduce monthly service and equipment cost by replacing many existing PSTN and ISDN lines.

how does it connect to my existing PBX?

Utilising industry leading PSTN/ISDN IP Gateway technology, we are able to seamlessly connect to your existing PBX via sitting in line with your existing PSTN or ISDN lines, allowing us to transparently route in and outbound calls from your existing PBX. The gateway supports full data, power and degradation failover, enabling you to always be able to receive and make calls without disruption.

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