does it matter what my existing fixed line or mobile carrier is?

mobilizer™ is network carrier independent, hence it does not matter what your current fixed line or mobile carrier is. mobilizer™ is an independent communications consultant. We provide a free bill analysis to indicate benefits of various Fixed and Mobile carriers.

do I need to change my mobile or PBX?

Our solution is technology agnostic, hence there is no need to replace or change your PBX or require a new mobile or office phone.

what exactly is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol is the ability to send voice as data packets versus switching physical lines across the network. It provides a more efficient and effective means of routing calls, as a result VoIP phone systems provides enormous cost saving benefits. As the VoIP signal is digital it also provides significantly more functionality than traditional PSTN lines. The net result is VoIP will reduce communication costs and improve communication and productivity.

what is the quality of a VoIP call?

Mobilizer provides the highest grade business VoIP available in Australia; essentially you will not notice the difference between VoIP and a normal call. Your calls will not travel over the highly contended public internet. Our network is backed by 24/7 monitoring. Mobilizer utilises ISDN termination points and the industry’s highest standard G711 voice codec to ensure premium voice quality across the data network.

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