is VoIP telephony reliable?

mobilizer™ has built our hosted VoIP solution utilising fully fault redundant architecture with no single point of failure, so even in the unlikely event of a data network outage, users can continue making and receiving calls via traditional PSTN/ISDN and Mobile Networks. Hence you can experience the cost saving and functional benefits of VoIP with the reliability of the traditional PSTN/ISDN network.

how much will VoIP save me?

Our VoIP enable Virtual PBX service generally saves organisations 60% on call costs. mobilizer™ is also happy to provide a free no obligation analysis of any SME organisations phone bill. You can also “Try Before You Buy” via a trial of mobilizer™ hosted VoIP services.

how does VoIP affect my existing phone number and carrier?

You can keep your existing phone number and existing carrier and still take advantages of the cost savings of functionality of hosted or site IP-PBX solution.

do I need to replace my phone's system/PBX to experience VoIP?

You can keep your existing phone system or PBX and experience business grade VoIP. However with the cost savings, you may wish to retire your old system to the museum and replace this PBX with new advance functionality IP-PBX or our virtual PBX service.

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