how do I get started on VoIP and how long does it take?

mobilizer™ can have you up and running on hosted Virtual PBX in less than 24hrs depending on your needs.

what are the choices for incoming numbers?

We have virtual phone number ranges in all major capital cities in Australia and Overseas. All you have to do is choose the city and we will assign a series of numbers to their account.

does VoIP support fax?

Yes, you can keep your existing fax machine or have a dedicated virtual fax number and send and receive electronic fax directly to and from your desk top.

can I integrate my mobile to VoIP?

mobilizer™ has unique integration to mobile phones, enabling your mobile phone to appear and functional as a wireless extension of the office.

Hence you can make VoIP calls directly from your Mobile phone, as well as integrate your office phone number to your mobile, enabling you to screen, announce, hold, transfer and conference incoming calls just as you would in the office.

mobilizer™ also provides free untimed calls to and from your mobile to the office....saving users 60%+ on existing mobile call costs.

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