how will I be billed?

You will receive an electronic bill from us each month detailing call and service charges.

why shouldn’t I just do it myself?

Three (3) reasons – cost, time and human resources. In order to do it yourself you will have to build and run a switch, learn how to manage it and negotiate agreements with each vendor. There are also the issues of billing, cost and quality control, marketing, scalability, connectivity…the list goes on and on.

how does mobilizer™ compare with other VoIP companies?

These days you can find a “provider” that will offer you internet telephone calls for next to nothing. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll get in terms of quality! And forget about customer service or support. Cheap VoIP companies run their calls over the public internet where they bounce around multiple networks with zero quality control. It is not a managed service. Our product and service is business grade, fully supported and managed service that is still much less expensive than the PSTN.

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